ECPs Transnational Seminars

The aim of these seminars organised by ESPON Contact Points (ECPs) groups within the framework of their transnational networking activities, is twofold: stimulating and strengthening networking among ECPs, who organise these events collectively, and ensuring a wider dissemination of ESPON results towards mixed audience of students, scientists, practitioners, policy makers working at different administrative levels.

These transnational events focus either on European macro-regions (e.g. North Western Europe), on their specificity and challenges for development, or on a specific thematic, like e.g. “polycentricity”, particularly addressed by ESPON results. They are great opportunities for actors from a same macro-region, or concerned by a same particular thematic, to learn about and discuss on ESPON projects results. They are the scientific teams behind the ESPON projects, an opportunity to meet and exchange with potential “users”, in order to improve and better target the results in the future.

Ten transnational seminars have been organised by the ECP Network since 2005. All information on these seminars, as well as on the transnational activities organised by the ECPs are available in the left menu.