ESPON Scientific Conference in Luxembourg

13-14 October 2005

The 1st ESPON Scientific Conference took place 13-14 October 2005 in Luxembourg. The conference was organised in cooperation with the University of Luxembourg, the Association of European Schools of Planning (AESOP), the European Regional Science Association (ERSA), EUGEO, the European Council of Town Planners (ECTP), and the Regional Studies Association (RSA).

At the conference more than 130 research from various disciplines and countries came together to discuss European territorial research. The main strands of discussion focused on:

  • European territorial typologies
  • Territorial impact assessment
  • Spatial analysis tools and instruments

Through all the discussions the issue has been how to further develop the field of interdisciplinary territorial research and strengthening networking between various actors in the field.


Conference Programme

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List of Participants

  • Acrobat Document | 71KB

Progress of the ESPON programme: Further results - Outlook on an ESPON II

  • Powerpoint Presentation | 3.00MB

Spatial data analysis, multiregional modeling and macroeconomic growth

  • Powerpoint Presentation | 429KB

Spatial analysis tools & territorial choesion

  • Powerpoint Presentation | 4.42MB

Linking Territorial Research and Practice: An agenda for the future

  • Powerpoint Presentation | 1.66MB

Strategic Need for the Knowledge and Tools for European Territorial Development

  • Powerpoint Presentation | 135KB

Scenarios for European Spatial Development

  • Powerpoint Presentation | 123KB

Territorial Cohesion and new Cohesion Policy: Challenges for old and new Member States

  • Powerpoint Presentation | 878KB

Territorial Impacts of the CAP. ESPON Project 2.1.3 Final Report

  • Powerpoint Presentation | 489KB

Territorial Impact Assessment of Governance of Territorial and Urban Policies in ESPON Space

  • Powerpoint Presentation | 4.25MB

Application of hazard and risk maps in structural funds

  • Powerpoint Presentation | 7.43MB

European typologies of urban systems

  • Acrobat Document | 3.76MB

Rural Typologies from an Irish and Local Perspective

  • Powerpoint Presentation | 5.33MB

Regional Typologies in Anthropogeography

  • Powerpoint Presentation | 6.23MB

Interdisciplinary European Classifications of Regions

  • Powerpoint Presentation | 15.32MB

Governance and Polycentric Urban Development: the territorial and political translation of spatial ideas

  • Powerpoint Presentation | 2.31MB

Geography of desiquilibrium, Human Mobility in Europe

  • Powerpoint Presentation | 29.91MB

The territorial picture of Europe

  • Powerpoint Presentation | 3.44MB