ESPON seminar in Bonn

12-13 June 2007

The ESPON Seminar on the use of results took place on 12-13 June 2007 in Bonn, Germany.

This seminar brought together members from the ESPON community and potential stakeholder to discuss the capitalisation of ESPON results. Policy makers, the ESPON Contact Points, ESPON researchers and various organisations as users of ESPON results discussed the experiences from the ESPON 2006 Programme and the prospects for the future.

After a general introduction to the latest development of European policy related to territorial development and cooperation as well as on the use of ESPON results, the experience and stakeholder demands was discussed in six workshops. The first three workshops focused on the thematic demands towards target ESPON analysis. The second set of workshops addressed the cooperation between ESPON and potential stakeholders.

The presentations and discussions revealed a wide range of experience of the use of ESPON results and gave first insights on the demands towards future applied ESPON research.

The ESPON 2013 Programme will take these demands into consideration, within a new programme priority on targeted analysis upon user demand, and within the general enhancement of efforts of capitalisation of ESPON results envisaged. The targeted analysis foreseen represents a new type of projects which can deliver targeted analytical results upon demand for certain users, supporting a stronger European dimension in the development of different territories, regions and cities. The potential users include European and national authorities, programmes under Structural Funds 2007-2013 and groups of regions and cities.

You find below the final programme for the ESPON Seminar, the list of participants as well as the different presentations made during the seminar.


Final Programme

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Final list of participants

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Presentation E. Lukte Daldrup

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Presentation P. Salez

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Presentation G. Spinaci

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Presentation P. Mehlbye

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Presentation G. Gorzelak

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Workshops introductions

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Workshops Report

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Presentation G. Tatzberger

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Presentation M. Houk

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Presentation M. Lamblin

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Presentation (a) G. Peltre

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Presentation (b) G. Peltre

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Presentation K. Urpalainen

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Presentation R. Read

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Feedback Workshop A

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Feedback Workshop B

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Feedback Workshop C

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Presentation U. Graute

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Presentation S. Lindblad

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Presentation H. Eskelinen

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Presentation M. Grisel

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Presentation P. Enotiades

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Presentation S. Puschmannova

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