Financial Managers Seminar

 Barcelona, 3 April 2014

2012.05.10_Espon_infoday-017The 10th ESPON Financial Managers Seminar on management and administration of projects took place on 3 April 2014 in Barceolna, Spain.

The Seminar was organised in cooperation with ‘Diputació de Barcelona’.

Based on the positive feedbacks of a similar event held last year, this special, targeted Financial Managers Seminar aimed at supporting Lead and Project Partners with the finalization of their delayed project progress report in order to avoid the risks of financial de-commitment.

The seminar gave practical support to Lead and Project Partners by problem solving, pre-checking existing reporting documents and finalization of delayed progress reports.

Altogether 12 people attended the event. Participants had the opportunity to network, to share experience with peers and get feedback.

Please find below the programme of the event and the list of participants.

Should you have questions please do not hesitate to contact the ESPON Coordination Unit at [email protected].


This event was organised within the framework of
the ESPON 2013 Communication Plan/Action Plan for 2014
(Actions related to Targeted Activities and Actions/Events)



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