Info Day on New Call and Partner Café in Brussels, 10 February 2011

The new Call for Proposals and Expression of Interest were presented during the Info Day which took place in Brussels on 10 February 2011. 






More than 230 participants from 170 different Institutions and 24 countries attended the event, among them policy makers, scientists, experts, representatives of universities, research institutes and companies around Europe.




The purpose of the event was to inform and assist potential beneficiaries in preparing proposals for the Call.

The event focused on the content specifications and the procedures for applying.

The European Commission and the Hungarian EU Presidency presented the policy demand behind the need for further ESPON results.







The ESPON Coordination Unit provided participants with a brief on the achievements and prospects on the Programme.

Participants learnt about opportunities for taking part in ESPON project activities and themes and objectives of the Call.

The session on “How to Apply” focused on the legal framework, the eligibility criteria, the modalities for applying.

Networking at the ESPON Partner Café

The programme included an ESPON Partner Café creating a forum for dialogue between potential project partners. The Partner Café gave participants the chance to network, to find partners for their projects and get feedback.






 You can find below the Programme, the list of participants, the presentations given during the day as well as the press release.

More photos on the next pages.

 Should you have questions, please do not hesitate to contact the ESPON Coordination Unit at [email protected]


This event is organised within the framework of the ESPON 2013 Communication Plan
Action Plan for 2011 (Targeted activities and actions, “Annual Event - Info Day and Partner Café”)

































































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Speakers` CV

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Press Release "ESPON opens new funding opportunities"

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Territorial Cohesion and Policy Making

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Policy Demands towards the ESPON 2013 Programme

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ESPON 2013 Programme Progress and Prospects

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Call for Proposals on Applied Research

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Call for Expression of Interest on Targeted Analyses

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Call for Proposals within the ESPON Scientific Platform

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How to Apply, Legal framework

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How to Apply, Application Form

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How to Apply, Budget and Reporting

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