The ESPON 2013 Programme Launch Event took place in Brussels on 21 January 2008.

The target group for the event are potential beneficiaries and interested stakeholders who want to learn more about the different opportunities for taking part in project activities.

The event was opened by Katarina Mathernova, Deputy Director-General of European Commission’s DG Regio together with Romain Diederich, Director-General of the Luxembourgish Ministry of the Interior and for Spatial Planning along with Evgeni Kirilov, First Vice-Chair of European Parliament’s Committee on Regional Development and Gerhard Stahl, Secretary General of the Committee of the Regions as well Joost van Iersel, Member  of the European Economic and Social Committee and Blanka Bartol, Representative of the Slovenian EU Presidency.

The opening was followed by presentations on the ESPON 2013 Programme, its mission and priorities and interlinkages with other Structural Funds activities.

Four calls for proposals and expressions of interest were opened that day. The material related to project application is available for downloading under here.


Press communication

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Launching Event Programme

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Final list of attendees

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Launch of the ESPON 2013 Programme

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Call for Proposals Priorities 1 & 3

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Call for Knowledge Support System (Pr 1)

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ESPON 2013 Application Procedures Priority 1

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Call for Priority 2

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ESPON 2013 Application Procedures Priority 2

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ESPON 2013 Next steps

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