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  • Latest News | 3 June 2020

    Catalonia has a population of 7,727,029 citizens and, since the end of February, around 65,000 cases of coronavirus have been detected.

  • Latest News | 19 May 2020

    A workshop aimed at discussing the future of the Baltic Sea Region took place on 5 March 2020 at Nordregio,  in Stockholm.

  • Press Releases | 18 May 2020

    Age-friendly cities benefit from integrated policies that are developed together with people of all generations. In an age-friendly city, inhabitants of all ages can live a happy life and enjoy a high quality of life at an advanced age. Different ways in which cities can become more age-friendly were researched in the ESPON ACPA Targeted Analysis on age-friendly cities, supporting the WHO Decade of Healthy Ageing.

  • Latest News | 12 May 2020

    The impact of the pandemic made borders in Europe visible again, sometimes even within the same country. But interesting examples from the Interreg Central Europe Programme show that transnational cooperation is central for regions and cities to become more resilient and to find common solutions that can benefit citizens all over central Europe, especially when facing an imminent crisis like the pandemic.

  • Latest News | 8 May 2020

    The city of Athens’ Reception and Solidarity Center shared with ESPON its initiatives to protect the homeless, the city’s most vulnerable group during the pandemic of COVID19.

  • Latest News | 5 May 2020

    Another interesting case study from ESPON Project URRUC comes from Valle Arroscia, a territory that is located on the Alpi Marittime mountains, in the Northern part of the Province of Imperia. Read about urban-rural linkages and challenges in the area and the recommendations of the project to overcome them. 

  • Latest News | 4 May 2020

    Mountain and coastal areas, islands and sparsely populated areas face several challenges related to their development. According to ESPON project BRIDGES, these challenges are similar and interlinked for all the areas the Territories with Geographical Specificities (TGS) and have concrete implications to all the five Policy Objectives of Cohesion Policy

  • Latest News | 30 April 2020

    Urban-rural linkages contribute to integrating rural and urban areas into a more functional territory. These linkages aim at improving access to public services within functional areas, as well as increasing the residential and economic attractiveness of the rural areas, among others. In this article an interesting case study of Scarborough Borough, in the UK, provided by the ESPON project, URRUC

  • Latest News | 28 April 2020

    Until 1990 only a few CPS were established. Since the beginning of the 21st century, CPS establishment has accelerated.

  • Latest News | 27 April 2020

    National local authorities in France took measures and initiatives to support their citizens during the COVID-19 crisis. These measures focused wither on supporting fragile population, pupils, care-workers or the local economy. Journalist Caroline Garcia summarises them in this article written for ESPON.