ESPON Open Seminar

“Opportunities and threats for territorial cohesion:
Blue Growth and Urban Poverty”


Nafplion - Greece, 4 and 5 June 2014

ESPON held a two day Open Seminar on “Opportunities and threats for territorial cohesion: Blue Growth and Urban Poverty”. The Seminar was organised in cooperation with the Hellenic Presidency of the Council of the European Union and took place on 4 and 5 June 2014 in Nafplion, Greece.

220 people, including policy makers, practitioners, scientists and experts were welcomed by representatives of the Hellenic EU Presidency, Nafplion Municipality, ESPON Monitoring Committee and Managing Authority.


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The Open Seminar addressed the two priorities of the Hellenic Presidency, namely blue growth and urban poverty, in the context of the current economic crisis with the two-fold purpose of

(1) Allowing policy-makers, practitioners and researchers to share concrete experiences, discuss the use of territorial evidence and identify development options relevant to the two themes;

(2) Demonstrating the usefulness and capability of the ESPON knowledge base for policy-makers, practitioners and researchers alike. 

Wednesday 4 June 2014: Blue growth

Welcome and scene setting

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This event took place at the crossroads of two programming periods; while the last projects of the 2007-2013 funding period are wrapping up, European regions and cities are actively engaged in preparing their new Operational Programmes for the 2014 – 2020 Structural Funds period. At the same time, the European Commission is working on the 6th Report on Economic, Social and Territorial Cohesion that will offer new insight into regions’ progress in these areas and how the EU, national and regional governments have contributed.

The first day, which was fully dedicated to blue growth, gave ample opportunity to discuss the sustainable growth potential in maritime areas and the contribution to achieving the goals of the Europe 2020 strategy.

In his welcome statement Ioannis Firbas, Ministry of Development & Competitiveness of Greece, underlined the usefulness of ESPON evidence and data for the drafting of the new Operational Programmes; he also expressed great expectations on the ESPON 2020.

This was followed by opening speeches from Nafplion municipality and ESPON representative introducing the aim of the event. The European Commission offered insight into the new Cohesion Policy for the current European context. 

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The seminar began by looking into the maritime dimension in the delivery of the growth and jobs agenda. A subsequent session was more practice oriented, presenting and discussing concrete projects, strategies and policies in the field of maritime policy.

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In parallel workshops ESPON projects reflected on blue development opportunities related to European seas, coasts, islands and the mainland. The workshops provided evidence towards the recognition of blue growth as a key driver to smart, sustainable and inclusive growth. The first day closed with a plenary giving the latest ESPON transnational networking activities an opportunity to exchange on their work.

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Thursday 5 June 2014: Urban poverty

The second day accommodated different thematic plenary sessions that aim at stimulating discussion on the relevant topics and project results. In the first slot, a representative of the European Commission introduced the EU Urban Agenda. This was followed by information on the territorial dimension of poverty in general and allowed relevant ESPON projects to present their final results.

The second plenary session allowed learning about the territorial diversity of impacts of regional resilience to the financial and economic crisis and the visions for Europe in 2050. The last plenary session focused on ESPON Scientific Platform projects and on analytical tools.

The seminar closed with an informative slot on ESPON 2020 the intentions of the Italian Presidency and finally a farewell from the Greek Presidency.

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More information

You can find below the programme and the presentations made during the event.

More photos are available in the next page.

Should you have questions please do not hesitate to contact the ESPON Coordination Unit at [email protected]


This event is organised within the framework of the ESPON Capitalisation Strategy
(Actions related to European Seminars and Workshops).

“Opportunities and threats for territorial cohesion:
Blue Growth and Urban Poverty”

Nafplion - Greece, 4 and 5 June 2014

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List of Participants

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Practical information

  • MS-Word Document | 1.80MB

Seminar Report Opportunities and threats for territorial cohesion: Blue Growth and Urban Poverty

  • Acrobat Document | 20.91MB

Christos Theophilou 'EU Maritime Policy and Blue Growth'

  • Powerpoint Presentation | 6.15MB

Vassilios Tselios 'A Strategy for the Adriatic-Ionian Macro-Region'

  • Powerpoint Presentation | 1.65MB

Alan Pickaver 'INTERREG IVC SUSTAIN project – Measuring coastal sustainability'

  • Powerpoint Presentation | 3.19MB

Kai Trümpler 'Maritime Spatial Planning – German Experience'

  • Powerpoint Presentation | 27.11MB

Stella Kyvelou 'Introduction WS Smart development'

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Carlos Tapia 'GREECO'

  • Powerpoint Presentation | 22.22MB

Jaczek Zaucha 'BSR-TeMo'

  • Powerpoint Presentation | 6.26MB

Andreu Ulied 'ET 2050'

  • Powerpoint Presentation | 5.61MB

Peter Schön 'Introduction WS Inclusive development'

  • Powerpoint Presentation | 2.70MB

Andrew Copus 'TiPSE'

  • Powerpoint Presentation | 5.49MB

Adrian Healy 'ECR2'

  • Powerpoint Presentation | 6.51MB

Pierre Beckouche 'ITAN'

  • Powerpoint Presentation | 11.60MB

Estelle Evrard 'Introduction WS Sustainable development'

  • Powerpoint Presentation | 2.66MB

David Shaw 'ESaTDOR'

  • Powerpoint Presentation | 4.22MB

Klaus Spiekermann 'TRACC'

  • Powerpoint Presentation | 6.06MB

Lynne McGowan 'North Sea STAR'

  • Powerpoint Presentation | 3.13MB

Christian Svanfeldt 'EU Urban Agenda'

  • Powerpoint Presentation | 3.71MB

Pauline Geoghegan 'URBACT – supporting cities for integrated and sustainable urban development'

  • Powerpoint Presentation | 1.04MB

Sabine Weck 'TiPSE – Territorial dimension of poverty and social exclusion in Europe'

  • Powerpoint Presentation | 4.84MB

Loris Servillo 'TOWN – Small and medium-sized towns in their functional territorial context'

  • Powerpoint Presentation | 7.62MB

Minas Angelidis 'GROSEE – Growth Poles in South-East Europe'

  • Powerpoint Presentation | 2.78MB

Paul Cowie 'TANGO – Territorial Approaches for New Governance'

  • Powerpoint Presentation | 2.38MB

Adrian Healy 'Territorial impact of the financial and economic crisis'

  • Powerpoint Presentation | 25.38MB

Andreu Ulied 'Territorial Vision for Europe 2050'

  • Powerpoint Presentation | 20.36MB

Claude Grasland 'ESPON Database: case study interface'

  • Powerpoint Presentation | 12.64MB

Oriol Biosca 'EU Territorial Monitoring System'

  • Powerpoint Presentation | 14.71MB

Volker Schmidt-Seiwert 'ESPON ATLAS on European Territorial Structures'

  • Acrobat Document | 2.30MB

Peter Mehlbye and Thiemo Eser 'The ESPON 2020 Programme'

  • Powerpoint Presentation | 2.53MB

Rossella Rusca 'Intentions of Italy'

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