ESPON Database 2013 - Managing Time-Series and Estimating Missing Values

The ESPON Programme in close cooperation with the University Paris 7 - UMS RIATE, as Lead Partner of the ESPON 2013 Database Project, organised a technical workshop focused on the ESPON Database and aimed at discussing two main topics: management of time series and estimation of missing values.
The workshop was structured in three main sessions. At the first session researchers from the Laboratory of Informatics in Grenoble (LIG), University Paris 7 in Paris and Géographie-cités presented various research topics done for building a coherent and trustable ESPON 2013 Database.
During the second session representatives from Fraunhofer IAIS (Germany) showed practical examples related to time series issues.
In the afternoon European Institutions involved in territorial analysis, such as EC DG Regio, EEA, EUROSTAT and UNEP gave feedback and exchanged views on their different experiences related to management of time-series data.
The workshop took place at the ESPON Coordination Unit in Esch-sur-Alzette (Luxembourg) on 6 May 2010. Around 30 experts from all over Europe attended the workshop.
You may find below the Workshop Programme and the presentations given during the event.

Should you have questions, please do not hesitate to contact the ESPON Coordination Unit at [email protected]

This event is organised within the framework of the ESPON 2013 Capitalisation Strategy
(Actions related to European Seminars and Workshops). 









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Christine Plumejaud - LIG and Maher Ben Rebah - UMS RIATE

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Roger Milego, UAB

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Claude Grasland, UMS RIATE

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Anne Bretagnolle, Géographie-cités

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Gennady Andrienko, Fraunhofer IAIS

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Martin Charlton, National University of Ireland Maynooth – StratAG Project

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Berthold Feldmann, EUROSTAT

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Hugo Poelman, DG REGIO

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Oscar Gomez, EEA

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Hy Dao, United Nations Environment Programme

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