Workshop on Innovative Visualisation and Cartographic Language

Communication of European territorial dynamics and policy orientations requires visualisation and easily understandable cartographic language. The political interest in the territorial dimension of development and the aim of territorial cohesion makes the quality of communication more and more crucial. In parallel, technological developments related to the use of computing provide new tools for taking a further step in innovating visualisation and cartography.

The ESPON 2013 Programme faces this challenge and invited for a one day Workshop on Innovative Visualisation and Cartographic Language, which contributed to the European Year 2009 of Creativity & Innovation. The workshop took place at La Maison de l`Europe (EC Representation to Luxembourg) on 2 April 2009 in Luxembourg.

The purpose of the workshop was three-fold:
  • To present the current state of the art and good practice in cartography in terms of presenting facts, evidence and policy orientations as maps and other cartographic illustrations;
  • To display possible new avenues that today are open in terms of computer supported cartography being related to complex messages among which are 3 D illustrations, animations and dynamic maps;
  • To debate possibilities for developing and innovating visualisation and cartographic language in support of the presentation of key messages related to European territorial dynamics and cohesion.
The workshop welcomed more than 50 participants, a mix of cartographers, artists, media people, scientists, practitioners and policy makers for a first dialogue on innovative visualisation tools and cartographic language.

Please find below the presentations given during the Workshop, the ESPON Paper and the Workshop Report.

Should you have questions please do not hesitate to contact the ESPON Coordination Unit at [email protected].

This event was organised within the framework of the ESPON 2013 Capitalisation Strategy
(Actions related to European Seminars and Workshops).



Final Programme

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ESPON Paper and Speakers CV

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ESPON Report

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