“Territory matters: Keeping Europe and its regions competitive”


Amsterdam, Netherlands

Marine Etablissement Amsterdam

15 June 2016 to 16 June 2016

Kattenburgerstraat 7
1018 JA Amsterdam

Amsterdam - The Netherlands, 16 and 17 June 2016

The territorial dimension of the European regional competitiveness and the use of territorial evidence in relation to policy development are more and more important for regions and cities. This has also been recognised by the Dutch Presidency of the Council of the EU that highlights the importance of focusing on growth and jobs.

This ESPON Seminar offered an excellent meeting, networking and discussion forum and brought together policy makers, academics and experts to share latest territorial evidence and to debate issues and challenges around themes relating to the regional competitiveness. Keynote speakers gave deep insight and latest knowledge during the seminar.



The event was organised in cooperation with the Dutch Presidency of the Council of the EU within the framework of the ESPON 2020 Cooperation Programme.

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The seminar programme consisted of a mix of high profile keynote presentations, themed sessions and panel discussion. In this context the following themes were taken up during the event:

  • Competitiveness of European regions
  • Impact of EU policy on national spatial planning
  • Urban Agenda
  • Polycentric development at different scales
  • Cross border co-operation
  • Bottom-up planning
  • ESPON and the INSPIRE Directive
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199 people attended the event; policy makers, stakeholders, practitioners, scientists and experts shared their experience and discussed themes and experiences relevant for the development of regions and cities.

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The ESPON Seminar took place at Marine Etablissement Amsterdam

Kattenburgerstraat 7, 1018 JA Amsterdam

More information

You can find below the programme of the event, practical information, list of participants, presentations.

You can watch the Seminar on the ESPON YouTube channel

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ESPON Seminar

“Territory matters:
Keeping Europe and its regions competitive”


Amsterdam - The Netherlands, 16 and 17 June 2016

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  • Acrobat Document | 638KB

Practical information

  • Acrobat Document | 410KB


  • Acrobat Document | 104KB

Regional Competitiveness - Otto Raspe

  • Powerpoint Presentation | 4.00MB

Urban Agenda for the EU - Pedro Campos Ponce

  • Acrobat Document | 659KB

The Urban Pact of Amsterdam - Peter Mehlbye

  • Acrobat Document | 933KB

Polycentricity at different scales - Johannes Suitner

  • Acrobat Document | 1.46MB

Case of Poland - Magdalena Zagrzejewska

  • Acrobat Document | 1.41MB

Example Greater Region - Sabine Stölb

  • Acrobat Document | 1.24MB

ULYSSES - Efrén Feliu

  • Acrobat Document | 869KB

Lessons learnt from the EMR - Björn Koopmans

  • Powerpoint Presentation | 4.21MB

Integrated economic development of cross border territories - Jean Peyrony

  • Acrobat Document | 592KB

Territorial Implications of Better Regulation for Europe - Klaus Spiekermann

  • Acrobat Document | 1.58MB

Europeanization Revisited: the influence of EU-policies on spatial planning in the Netherlands - David Evers

  • Acrobat Document | 2.89MB

ESPON 2020 Cooperation Programme - Progress - Thiemo Eser

  • Acrobat Document | 938KB

Bottom - up planning, Maarten van Tuijl

  • Acrobat Document | 4.55MB

Bottom-up planning approaches in declining countrysides - Erik van den Eijnden

  • Powerpoint Presentation | 9.25MB

Industrial Symbiosis A driver of Green Growth in Nordic Regions Case Kalundborg - Rasmus Ole Rasmussen

  • Acrobat Document | 1.26MB

Geospecs - Erik Gløersen

  • Powerpoint Presentation | 2.56MB

TERCET, a European regulation on statistical units and territorial typologies - Oliver Müller

  • Acrobat Document | 297KB

PURR, Neil Adams

  • Acrobat Document | 807KB

INSPIRE directive, Noud Hooyman

  • Acrobat Document | 940KB

Using spatial information for geodesign - Ron Jansen

  • Acrobat Document | 8.68MB

ESPON EGTC, Progress on Implementation: Activities of Annual Work Plan 2015-16 - Peter Mehlbye

  • Acrobat Document | 246KB

New ESPON activities - Peter Billing, Kai Böhme, Gavin Daly, Sandra Di Biaggio, Michaela Gensheimer, Marjan van Herwijnen, Manuela Sara Samek Lodovici, Joan Noguera, Christoph Schremmer, Bernd Schuh, Dominic Stead, Eva Rytter Sunesen

  • Acrobat Document | 1.69MB

ESPON EGTC, Towards the AWP 2017: Indications on activities and expected results - Ilona Raugze

  • Acrobat Document | 303KB

Slovak Presidency in the field of Territorial Matters - Jana Ondrejmišková

  • Acrobat Document | 403KB

Malta’s Presidency of the Council of the European Union - Alexia Vella

  • Acrobat Document | 291KB