Climate action in Alpine towns – How to?
Peer learning workshop


18 June 2021

A workshop organized by the Swiss Federal Office for Spatial Development ARE in the framework of the Territorial Agenda 2030, with the support of the Permanent Secretariat of the Alpine Convention and ESPON

The workshop will be translated into all Alpine languages (German, French, Italian and Slovenian) as well as English.

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and introduction

Dr. Daniel Meltzian, 
Head of Unit, European Spatial Development and Territorial Cohesion,
German Federal Ministry of the Interior BMI


Green Infrastructure:
Making Green Infrastructure Socially Inclusive: Principles and Challenges
Dr. Katherine Irvine
James Hutton Institute, UK
Spatial Planning:
Climate Master Plan. Why do we need one?
Damian Walliser
Architect, CH

How to coordinate cross-sectoral climate action?
Experience from the cities’ department for climate protection

Thomas Weiss
City of Kempten, D
11.00   Break
11.10 Panel: Finding an entry into climate-friendly urban planning

Moderation: Michaela Gensheimer, ESPON
Dr. Katherine Irvine, Damian Walliser, Thomas Weiss, Madeleine Rohrer (Interreg Verdevale Project)


Outlook: Alpine Towns under Swiss
Presidency of the Alpine Convention

Marc Pfister
Swiss Federal Office for Spatial Development ARE
12.00 End


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