Workshop: Greenhouse gas impact of spatial planning
ESPON WEEK Green and Just Recovery for all European Territories


17 June 2021

This workshop session will address regional and local policy makers who face the current EU Climate and Energy Framework targets of a 40% reduction in GHG emissions by 2030. First, stakeholders behind the QGasSP project will explain how in their region GHG emissions are measured, how impacts of spatial plans on GHG emissions are estimated and considered and why they initiated a project to help them with this process. After that the researchers involved in developing a web application to model GHG emissions will explain how this application can support regions in estimating impacts of spatial plans on GHG emissions. In addition, they will show how the use of this tool is linked to SEA processes. At the end of the workshop participants will have the opportunity to ask questions and share experiences and ideas.

Date and time: 17 June 2021, 13.00 (CET)

Duration: 60’

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More information: Marjan van Herwijnen 



Welcome & setting the scene

Brief introduction to the workshop

Marjan van Herwijnen, ESPON EGTC



Pauline Riordon, Eastern and Midland Region of Ireland

Policy questions

  • How are GHG emissions measured in your region?
  • How are impacts of spatial plans on GHG emissions estimated and considered in your region?
  • Why did we initiate the project and how do we hope to use the tool?


Service providers

Kimmo Sakari Lylykangas, Tallinn University of Technology

  • How will the QGasSP tool support regions in estimating impacts of spatial plans on GHG emissions?
  • How can the use of the QGasSP tool be linked to the SEA process?


Questions and discussions


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