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  • Latest News | 7 July 2010

    The Final Report formulates a characterization of the so-called TeDi regions and indicates the relevance of the geographic specificities for economic growth and social sustainability. The Handbook deals with the social and economic development of areas characterised by geographic specificities, i.e. islands, mountain ranges and sparsely populated areas. More

  • Latest News | 7 July 2010

    The primary purpose of the project has been to examine the relationship between agglomeration economies and city-regional/metropolitan governance. The draft final report sets out the emerging project findings. More

  • Latest News | 29 June 2010

    Find out the latest developments of the ESPON Programme. The latest edition of the Newsletter is now online.

  • Newsletters | 29 June 2010

    Message from the ESPON Coordination Unit The Territorial Dimension of the Europe 2020 Strategy

  • Latest News | 28 June 2010

    New Calls for Proposals on 2 Targeted Analyses and the ESPON Database Phase II will open on 24 August 2010. The deadline for applying is 19 October 2010. Mark your calendar with this information and visit regularly the ESPON Website.

  • Latest News | 28 June 2010

    The Call for Tender External Evaluation of ESPON 2013 Programme is now open. Deadline for the receipt of tenders is 16 August 2010 by 14h00.  

  • Latest News | 21 June 2010

    Find out the latest findings on the applied research project ReRISK – Regions at Risk of Energy Poverty by reading its Draft Final Report.

  • Latest News | 18 June 2010

    At the two days Open Seminar in Madrid- Alcalá de Henares, the Europe 2020 Strategy and the use of ESPON results in policy-making were the focus of a lively debate. The seminar gathered more than 200 people coming from European Institutions, national governments, research institutions and universities.

  • Latest News | 18 June 2010

    Scientists, experts, researchers, representatives of universities and research institutes now have until 28 June to submit proposals and become involved in new ESPON projects under the current Calls. Get involved and participate!

  • Latest News | 2 June 2010

    RSA invited ESPON to organise workshop sessions at the International Conference in Hungary on 24, 25 and 26 May . EDORA, FOCI and ReRISK have been presenting and discussing their scientific results. The papers and the discussions on these papers will be incorporated in the first ESPON  Scientific Report.