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  • Latest News | 8 June 2021

    ESPON launched a survey today to gather insights from cities, towns and rural areas about their digitalisation efforts.

  • Workshops | 8 June 2021 | Event starts: 18 June 2021

    A workshop organized by the Swiss Federal Office for Spatial Development ARE in the framework of the Territorial Agenda 2030, with the support of the Permanent Secretariat of the Alpine Convention

  • Workshops | 3 June 2021 | Event starts: 16 June 2021

    This workshop is based on the recent findings of the ESPON CE FLOWS project and a tailor-made case study for Slovakia that is based on the ESPON EMPLOY project. CE FLOWS provides insights into the spatial dynamics and existing flows across regions in Central Europe and identifies development potentials, drivers and bottlenecks in this functional area.

  • Workshops | 29 May 2021 | Event starts: 16 June 2021

    ESPON-TITAN project has been practically completed and a set of policy recommendations on how to mainstream Disaster Risk Managemen

  • Workshops | 29 May 2021 | Event starts: 17 June 2021

    Three elements - magnitude of funds, level of institutionalization, management of funds – are under investigation in ESPON METRO

  • Workshops | 29 May 2021 | Event starts: 17 June 2021

    This workshop session will address regional and local policy makers who face the current EU Climate and Energy Framework targets of a 40% reduction in GHG emissions by 2030.

  • Workshops | 27 May 2021 | Event starts: 27 May 2021

    This workshop session will provide a bird’s eye view of the ESPON toolbox as well as go into details in two tools following the preferences of the participants.

  • Latest News | 21 May 2021

    We published today a new report of our Circular Economy and Territorial Consequences (CIRCTER) project. This report will focus on the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg, which, at the moment, is developing

  • Latest News | 19 May 2021

    ESPON presented a new policy, brief drafted together with the Portuguese Presidency, today at the Directors-General Meeting on Territorial Cohesion that took place online.

  • ESPON Blog | 18 May 2021

    The 4.0 technological transformation has an impact on regional labour markets; however, the aggregate impact is difficult to be grasped as it depends on the type of sectors involved (and therefore on the type of transformation), on the type of technology adopted, and on the occupations considered.