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  • ESPON Blog | 17 March 2020

    Over the past decade, the introduction of eHealth solutions has not resulted in a decrease in healthcare expenditure for the governments, providers or patients.

  • ESPON Blog | 16 March 2020

    In today’s interconnected and constantly changing world, things happening in one place have an impact on other places, influencing developments and territories.

  • ESPON Blog | 6 March 2020

    Innovation is one frequently occurring theme targeted by European Territorial Cooperation programmes, including cross-border cooperation (CBC) programmes. The ESPON project CBC TIA that focused on five INTERREG A programmes found very few similarities between the strength of impact on same or similar thematic fields in each programme. But three case studies confirmed an interesting observation regarding their impact on cross-border innovation.

  • ESPON Blog | 4 March 2020

    The ESPON CBC TIA project has applied a newly developed ex-post TIA methodology tailored to CBC programmes to five CBC programmes within

  • ESPON Blog | 21 February 2020

    Results from the ESPON Project Big Data reveal how we can use mobile positioning data as a viable data source for studying mobility-related aspects with large potentials for generating insights for growth corridors. The case study of Estonia.

  • ESPON Blog | 19 February 2020

    The utilisation of spatial data that adequately captures the functionalities of corridors has been rather weak especially in the cross-border areas’ planning processes. However, many policy dimensions related to corridor development could benefit from big data. 

  • ESPON Blog | 14 February 2020

    THE ESPON project MSP-LSI conducted a value chain analysis of coastal tourism based on a number of case studies, including the Pomeranian Bight and the Gulf of Gdansk. The findings illustrate that in all cases coastal tourism was the most important local economic sector as all areas were important destinations for national and international tourists.

  • ESPON Blog | 12 February 2020

    In the framework of the ESPON project, MSP-LSI a value chain analysis of Maritime Cargo Transport was undertaken as part of the Netherlands, Gulf of Gdansk and Croatian Coast and Islands case studies. 

  • ESPON Blog | 11 February 2020

     In a speech to the European Parliament in 2011, EU Commissioner for Maritime Affairs and Fisheries Maria Damanaki, said ‘Governments are waking up to the fact that we

  • ESPON Blog | 4 February 2020

    One of the ESPON BRIDGES goal is to create European storylines for each type of geographic specificity