Applied Research Activities - Pre-Announcement

In 2017 the ESPON EGTC will tender 7 out of the following 15 themes for applied research activities:
  1. Functional Urban and Metropolitan Regions in Europe
  2. Financial Instruments and Territorial Cohesion
  3. Green Infrastructures and ecosystem services
  4. Blue Growth in Europe
  5. European Territorial Reference Framework towards 2050
  6. Transport Systems in a Polycentric Europe
  7. Youth Unemployment: Territorial trends and regional resilience
  8. Vision building in cross-border regions
  9. Economic impacts of natural hazards
  10. Territorial consequences of limiting land take
  11. Circular Economy and Territorial Consequences
  12. Flows of Migrants and Refugees
  13. Growth beyond GDP
  14. Macro-regional links and interdependencies
  15. Territories with geographical specificities.

The 7 Applied Research Activities will be tendered in 2017 after the decision of the Monitoring Committee.

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