Call for Tenders for Targeted Analysis “Stocktaking and assessment of typologies of Urban Circular Collaborative Economy initiatives (SHARING)”

The ESPON activity “Stocktaking and assessment of typologies of Urban Circular Collaborative Economy initiatives” resulting from this call for tenders is assigned to Specific Objective 2 of the ESPON 2020 Cooperation Programme. As such, it shall support stakeholders in taking up territorial evidence in their policy development. The service shall contribute to better understand how the ‘Collaborative Economy’ (also known as the ‘sharing economy’) is being implemented in different EU cities and how it is influenced by regulations at different levels of government, from the local, to the national and the EU. The main objective is to identify and categorize different types of implementation, approaches and strategies to enable other cities to learn from those who are taking the lead as well as develop a ‘common language’ across Europe. The project will also provide recommendations on how the Collaborative economy can be better understood, communicated, shared, and implemented across Europe.


  • The city of The Hague (The Netherlands) - lead stakeholder 
  • The city of Prato (Italy)
  • The city of Maribor (Slovenia)
  • The Public Waste Agency of Flanders (Belgium)
  • The Greek Ministry of Environment and Energy (Greece)
  • The city of Porto (Portugal)
  • The Association of Cities and Regions for sustainable resource management (Belgium)

ESPON Projects and Tools Relevant for this Targeted Analysis

To support the development of this activity, the results of several ESPON projects should provide important background data. In particular, the ESPON Circular Economy and Territorial Consequences Applied Research (CIRCTER) can provide useful inputs for this activity. By embracing a systemic approach based on systems thinking, the CIRCTER project aims at characterising the interactions (including feedbacks and potential trade-offs) existing between the economy, society and the environment, to explore the most relevant territorial features that influence progress towards a circular economy, as well as the potential territorial consequences of circular economy transitions, across Europe.


The maximum available budget for this contract is EUR 260,000.00 (two hundred and sixty thousand Euros), EXCLUSIVE of VAT but inclusive of all other taxes, disbursements, travel, accommodation and delivery costs.

Tendering documents

The documentation related to the Call, such as technical specifications, annexes, questions and answers, can be accessed free of charge until 7 days before submission deadline, as follows: 

at the ESPON EGTC e-Tendering Platform

at the Portail des Marchés Publics of Luxembourg


All tenders must be submitted in English language at the latest by 31 August 2018 at 16:00 CET.

More information

Any request for additional information must be made by email to the following address: [email protected]

This tender notice has been published at the “Portail des Marchés Publics” of Luxembourg ( and at the online version of the “Supplement to the Official Journal of the European Union”, dedicated to European public procurement TED (Tenders Electronic Daily).