ESPON Scientific Conference 2018
Building the next generation of research on territorial development


14 November 2018

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The conference aimed to share and discuss experiences and upcoming challenges in territorial development and cohesion, and how to apply new scientific approaches and tools in territorial research.


The conference started with two key-note speakers providing a general overview on new trends in the field of territorial development to inspire the audience for an open debate.

This will be followed by two tracks of parallel sessions in which researchers will present, explain and discuss new concepts, methods, indicators, typologies, tools, maps and models that they have developed and/or used in relation to three specific topics. These topics address common challenges for improving and further developing the support to policy makers with addressing the territorial dimension in policy development:

  1. Territorial interrelations: An increasing number of cities and regions are working on the spatial development of cross-border and functional urban areas. It is important to further strengthen the analytical, policy-making, monitoring and evaluation capacities for these areas by developing and using methodologies to capture territorial interrelations, functional areas and territorial development beyond static administrative units.
  2. Monitoring integrated territorial development: The European Commission has introduced new tools that can be used to implement territorial strategies in an integrated manner by combining several funds and addressing the development of a territory across sectors. It is important to develop and use methodologies that are able to monitor and measure integrated territorial development.
  3. New data sources: The use of traditional data, such as official administrative statistics, takes in general long to be published and used and does not cover all topics of interest for territorial cohesion. It is important to develop and use methodologies that are using new data sources and tools, such as data and information from analysing internet activities or social media, for observing territorial development trends.

The conference will be closed with a panel debate among representatives of some European scientific organisations reflecting upon the traditional way of doing territorial research in relation to the three topics selected. One of the main questions that will be addressed is: are we asking the right questions?

Call for abstracts - closed

Researchers and consultants have been invited to submit an abstract related to one of the three topics mentioned above. We received 37 abstracts of which the most inspirable 18 will be selected. The researchers of these abstracts will present and discuss their approach in the two tracks of parallel sessions.

31 August  2018 Deadline for abstracts to be submitted
End September 2018 Notification of acceptance
End September 2018 Publication of the conference programme
5 November 2018 Deadline for papers and slides of the selected abstracts
14 November 2018 ESPON 2020 Scientific Conference

Target groups

The main target groups are scientists and experts, but also policy makers, stakeholders and practitioners who are interested in the latest developments and trends for supporting policy making by addressing the territorial dimension in policy development.

RSA Winter Conference

The ESPON Scientific Conference is preceding the RSA Winter Conference ‘New Horizons for Cities and Regions in a Changing World’ took place on 15-16 November 2018 at the Holiday Inn Bloomsbury in Central London. Further details at


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