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  • Latest News | 16 April 2020

    Financial instruments will continue to play a prominent role in EU policy post-2020 under both EU Cohesion policy and the proposed

  • Latest News | 23 March 2020

    https://www.poctefa.euThe COVID19 pandemic will have both sanitary and territorial impacts but regions and cities won’t be hit with the same intensity. ESPON is interested in pooling local experiences and territorial policy responses. And supports actively other European Research Associations to collect scientific evidence on the impact of CORVID19.

  • Latest News | 12 March 2020

    Differences in population density in the Baltic Sea Region show a clear north-south pattern with the sparsely populated north and the densely populated south. There is also still an east-west divide in terms of economic performance, although the divide has been closing. The BSR has developed from a divided region into a prosperous region with a dense network of cooperation arrangements.

  • Latest News | 27 February 2020

    Collecting, processing, validating and publishing statistical data are delicate processes, which require sound guidelines and structures in order to produce reliable, comparable and valid data.

  • Latest News | 20 February 2020

    A case study of the ESPON project BIG DATA on transport and mobility partnership networks in the EU based on data acquired from the KEEP database. This data contains about 2,353 projects and 18,318 partners around Europe for the programming period 2014-2020

  • Latest News | 23 January 2020

    Do you know the possibilities offered by digital plan data and their actual use in spatial planning?

  • Latest News | 21 January 2020

    The Territorial Agenda is a strategic policy document for Europe, its regions and communities.

  • Latest News | 13 January 2020

    2020 is a landmark year for Europe. Brexit apart, what are the challenges and EU is facing and how is ESPON supporting European stakeholders to address them?

  • Latest News | 13 November 2019

    The partnership of ENSURE project met in Cork to discuss the findings of the project, ahead of the submission of the final report. The meeting was also including a site visit to the Southern Docklands of Cork in one of the sites that are scheduled to be developed.

  • Latest News | 11 November 2019

    An exciting ESPON event that gathered in Bucharest policy-makers from the European, national and regional level, together with ESPON researchers to examine the territorial dimension of labour markets in Southern Europe