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  • Latest News | 14 January 2010

    The ESPON Coordination Unit is looking for STAFF to join our international team as early as possible in 2007, and at the latest by Autumn 2007.

  • Latest News | 14 January 2010

    The Updated Interim Report of the Project ReRisk (Regions at Risk of Energy Poverty) is now available. More reading

  • Latest News | 15 December 2009

    By 20 November 2009, a total of 69 applications had been received involving 385 partners and stakeholders that during the last months have worked hard in getting common applications ready for submission in time.

  • Latest News | 15 December 2009

    The Call for Tenders Capitalisation Strategy and Media Bureau is now open. Deadline for the receipt of tenders is 06 January 2010 by 14h00.

  • Latest News | 15 December 2009

    The Draft Final Report of the applied research project "Territorial Impact Package for Transport and Agricultural Policies" is now available.

  • Latest News | 10 December 2009

    ESPON has recently published the second edition of "Territorial Observation”. This latest publication is looking into Trends in Accessibility in Europe and its regions with the aim of supporting policy makers engaged with regional competitiveness and territorial cohesion in their considerations in the further policy process. ESPON Territorial Observation No. 2, including maps and datasets, is available here.

  • Latest News | 9 December 2009

    Researchers, stakeholders as well as policy-makers from all over Europe gathered in Malmö for the Seminar "The ESPON Knowledge Base as Potential for Territorial Analysis and Policymaking at Regional Level". The 2 days event was jointly organised in close co-operation with the Swedish Presidency of the EU.

  • Latest News | 16 November 2009

    The European Parliament - Committee on Regional Development (REGI) invited ESPON to attend the REGI Meeting on 4 November 2009. Peter Mehlbye presented the ESPON 2013 Programme and its activities. After the presentation, Members of the Committee addressed questions and engaged in a dialogue on ESPON. The REGI meeting can be now watched on the European Parliament Multimedia Library.

  • Latest News | 11 November 2009

    The Call for Tenders Printing is now open.

  • Latest News | 5 November 2009

    ESPON invited for a one day Open Workshop on Approaching New Functional Areas to explore how different territorial research approaches to new functional areas can be used to support policymakers in setting policy actions for territories with sufficient internal coherence and functionality. Around 40 experts from all over Europe attended the workshop.