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  • Latest News | 7 August 2023

    Small and medium-sized cities are felt less dynamic and vibrant than their big European sisters, but they are still important for millions of their residents, as they can

  • Latest News | 3 April 2023

    Some decades ago the words green and industry would never fit into the same sentence of a political text in Europe.

  • Latest News | 9 February 2023

    Today we published 6 new calls for Tenders for our first European research territorial studies, under the ESPON 2030 Programme.

  • Latest News | 5 September 2022

    The ESPON EGTC had the opportunity today to meet (online) with the Deputy Prime Minister for Digitisation and Minister of Regional Development of the Czech Republic, Mr Ivan Bartoš. ESPON director Wiktor Szydarowski presented the role and the work of ESPON, focusing on the services provided to the Czech presidency of the EU. Minister Bartoš showed great interest in ESPON’s work and explained his views on regional development

  • Latest News | 1 September 2022

    We published today on our website 6 new Prior Information Notices for services related to: 1. Website Development Hosting and Maintenance Services

  • Latest News | 1 September 2022

    2022 marks 20 years for the European Week of Regions and Cities -the most important event on EU Regional Policy. It takes place between 10 and 13 of October and ESPON is present in a number of sessions organised by the EGTC, stakeholders or projects that are presenting their results and evidence. Select those of your interest and register online

  • Latest News | 19 July 2022

    After a intensive  and constructive period of preparations and consultations  Commissioner Elisa Ferreira announced on 6 July 2022 that the European Commission has approved the new ESPON programme

  • Latest News | 1 July 2022

    El passat 23 de novembre de 2021 es va celebrar a Barcelona el seminari “El paper de les ciutats i les àrees metropolitanes en la política de cohesió: reptes per al període 2021-2027”, organitzat p

  • Latest News | 24 May 2022

    COVID-19, like earlier pandemics, had a devastating impact on the tourism sector, with the consequences still being felt.

  • Latest News | 26 April 2022

    European regions exhibit strong disparities in relation to their innovation capacity in terms of both the development of innovation and the appropriation of social, economic and environmental benef