News - 13 May 2017

Open Calls for Tenders for Applied Research

The ESPON EGTC has launched two Calls for Tenders for Applied Research activities as follows:

1. "Territories with geographical specificities", deadline 15 June 2017 at 10:00

2. "Youth unemployment: territorial trends and regional resilience", deadline is 15 June 2017 at 10:30

Further information.

Prior Information on Calls

The ESPON EGTC will tender the following service contracts:

1. European and macro-regional monitoring tools

2. Functional urban areas and regions in Europe

3. Monitoring real estate prices in European cities

4. Territorial evidence support to EU funded programmes

Further information.

ESPON Seminar – Live on ESPON YouTube Channel

Valletta, 24 and 25 May 2017 - More than 200 policy makers and scientists will gather in Valletta at the ESPON Seminar “Revealing territorial potentials and shaping new policies - Contribution to the post-2020 Cohesion policy debate”.

Don’t miss the interactive debate on future of EU Cohesion policy with representatives of the European Commission, European Parliament and Member States. We will also discuss an integrated approach to promote development in territories with geographic specificities and the practical use of ESPON knowledge base.

You can follow the event live on the ESPON YouTube channel and join the conversation on ESPON Twitter #espon.

For more information, check the event agenda.

This event is organised in cooperation with the Maltese Presidency of the Council of the EU.

Does Europe move towards territorial cohesion?

TerrFutReportThe Interim Report of the Applied Research activity Possible European Territorial Futures focuses on the analysis of the current territorial development in Europe and provides a first basis for the work on the developments towards 2030.

To understand Europe’s territorial situation today and changes expected towards 2030, the report focuses on four domains: demography, socio-economics, environment & climate change, and research & technology. Based on this analysis, the report draws first conclusions whether Europe moves towards territorial cohesion or not. In addition, the Annex provides current insight on the situation and recent trends with respect to circular economy, renewable energy and the property market.

The lead contractor, Spatial Foresight (LU) and the seven partners (Mcrit-ES, Spiekermann & Wegener-DE, ISINNOVA-IT, Basque Center BC3-ES, Centre urban & territorial development, Institu Rozwoju-PL, TU Delft-NL, ÖIR-AT) will deliver the Draft Final Report Draft Final in July 2017.

You can join the discussion on possible territorial futures and share your ideas on social media: ESPON – Territorial Futures on LinkedIn and RegioNetwork on Yammer.

ESPON Possible European Territorial Futures Interim Report and its annex are available here

Contribution to the Urban Agenda for the EU

ESPON, Interact, Interreg Europe and URBACT are active on the entire EU territory to improve the quality of urban, regional, national and EU policies by providing evidence, knowledge, tools and networking activities to regional and local bodies in different countries.

Over the years, the four programmes have gradually extended their cooperation and mutual support; since 2012, joint workshops and common papers are among concrete joint initiatives.

In the framework of the Urban Agenda for the EU, the four programmes have drafted the paper “Interregional contribution to the Urban Agenda for the EU” to inform about their contribution to the objectives and work of the partnerships of the Urban Agenda. Further information.

ESPON @ RSA Conference

Dublin, 4-7 June 2017 - The research team of the Inner Peripheries activity will present and discuss their work at the RSA Annual Conference 2017 during the session “Spatial Reorganisation Trends & the Rising Importance of Relational Proximity”. Further information.

Monitoring and Tools – ESPON TIA Tool Upgrade

TIA Tool has been developed in the previous programming period in order to support policy makers and practitioners with identifying, ex-ante, potential territorial impacts of new EU Legislations, Policies and Directives (LPDs). The project ESPON TIA Tool Upgrade will further develop a user-friendly ESPON TIA web application by providing in addition the possibility to carry out Urban Impact Assessment, Cross-border TIA and TIA focused on other specific types of regions. In addition, new and innovative functionalities will be integrated and existing datasets, typologies will be updated and new indicators will be added.

This activity will also support the preparation, moderation and documentation of TIA workshops organized by main stakeholders like the European Commission and the European Committee of the Regions, but also by other stakeholders wishing to use the TIA tool and in need for support. Training of potential moderators of the ESPON TIA tool will be also ensured during the project.

Further information on TIA Tool Upgrade is now available here.

ESPON 2020: Territorial Evidence for Europe

Since 2002 ESPON promotes and fosters a European territorial dimension in development and cooperation by providing evidence, knowledge transfer and policy learning to public authorities and other policy actors at all levels.

The objective of the ESPON 2020 Cooperation Programme is to support the reinforcement of the effectiveness of EU Cohesion Policy and other sectoral policies and programmes under the European Structural and Investment Funds (ESIF), as well as national and regional territorial development policies, through the production, dissemination and promotion of territorial evidence.

The Managing Authority of the ESPON 2020 Cooperation Programme has produced an informative leaflet about ESPON.

The digital version of the leaflet is available at the website of the ESPON 2020 Managing Authority.