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  • ESPON Blog | 13 February 2022

    Disconnected from the mainland, urban-maritime regions that are island face different challenges than regions situated on the mainland. This also goes for Malta and Crete, two of the stakeholder regions that were part of the ERMES project. This article discusses the downsides and benefits of insular regions in relation to eco-cluster development.

  • Workshops | 3 February 2022 | Event starts: 10 March 2022

    The ESPON LAKES project organises a European roundtable on Integrated Territorial Development in large lake regions.

  • ESPON Blog | 1 February 2022

    Research conducted for ESPON has identified four global trends that will significantly change the way European seaports operate in 10 years from now. These trends will not only influence the seaports themselves but will also provide opportunities and challenges for the urban-maritime region where they are located.

  • Workshops | 25 January 2022 | Event starts: 24 February 2022

    As part of its post-2010 biodiversity policy, the European Commission promoted a strategy for an EU-wide Green Infrastructure (GI) with the aim to provide a framework for integrating GI into sectoral policies, including nature conservation. The underlying idea of this initiative is the recognition of the environment as an infrastructural resource capable of delivering a wide range of ecosystem services.

  • Workshops | 20 January 2022 | Event starts: 16 February 2022

    Regions, cities, and rural areas across Europe and within countries are facing different challenges and opportunities concerning shrinkage. The diversity of processes that determine those challenges and opportunities, depends on the pathways of economic restructuring, on the resilience of local public services and on local initiatives. 

  • Latest News | 19 January 2022

    Following their initial agreement on the content of the ESPON 2030 programme as a prerequisite for the submission of the programme to the European Commission for

  • Workshops | 18 January 2022 | Event starts: 9 February 2022

    Controlling the rate of urbanisation, its trajectories, and its consequences have a central role in achieving sustainability for the future of the planet. One of the main objectives to reach long-term sustainability is to densify within already-built urban structures without hampering the environmental value and quality of its surroundings, and ultimately halting the further urbanisation of green areas.

  • Seminars | 18 January 2022 | Event starts: 19 January 2022

    National Peer-Learning Workshops and High Level Policy Conference, January – March 2022

  • Workshops | 6 January 2022 | Event starts: 27 January 2022

    Managing urban growth plays a significant role in achieving sustainability and balancing the trilemma of the environmental, economic and social spheres.

  • Latest News | 22 December 2021

    The ESPON seminar aims at discussing “Quality of Life for territorial and citizen-centric policies” bringing together the latest research on the topic and policy challenges. Improving the Quality o