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  • Press Releases | 24 August 2011

    Today ESPON (the European Observation Network on Territorial Development and Cohesion) opens new Calls for Proposals to ...

  • Press Releases | 30 May 2011

    The debate around EU Cohesion Policy post 2013, the adoption of the Territorial Agenda 2020 and the evidence contribution of ESPON to the EU, national and regional policy making are in focus at the Open Seminar “Evidence and Knowledge Needs for the Territorial Agenda 2020 and EU Cohesion Policy”. The Seminar is organised in cooperation with the Hungarian Presidency of the Council of the European Union.

  • Press Releases | 20 April 2011

    Speaking to the ESPON Coordination Unit, policy makers emphasized the ways they can make use of the findings from the ReRisk Project while scientists highlighted evidence and scenarios on the impact of rising energy prices.

  • Press Releases | 1 April 2011

    Latest Call for Proposals and Expression of Interest for using ESPON attracted 53 applications from 29 countries involving 285 potential project partners/ stakeholders.

  • Press Releases | 25 January 2011

    The ESPON Programme launches today new Calls for Proposals and Expression of Interest. Scientists, Experts and Public Authorities are invited to become involved in new ESPON projects. Up to 5.493.000,00 is available for this call.

  • Press Releases | 23 November 2010

    How can place based actions contribute to Europe’s recovery from the financial and economic crisis that struck in 2008? What concrete measures by regions and cities can support the Europe 2020 Strategy and a smart, sustainable and inclusive growth path?

  • Press Releases | 13 September 2010

    Researchers and experts in the public and private sector from 31 European countries are invited to become involved in 3 new projects ...

  • Press Releases | 2 August 2010

    The ESPON Programme will launch new Calls for Proposals on 24 August 2010. Scientists and Experts from universities, research institutes and companies are invited ...

  • Press Releases | 19 July 2010

    Today 19 July 2010, Claude Wiseler, Minister of Sustainable Development and Infrastructures of Luxembourg, visited the ESPON Coordination Unit to get information on the latest development of the ESPON 2013 Programme.

  • Press Releases | 17 June 2010

    The contribution of European territories, regions and cities to the Europe 2020 Strategy was the focus of the Open Seminar “ESPON Evidence for Regional Policy-Making” on 9 - 10 June 2010 in Alcalá de Henares - Madrid.