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  • Press Releases | 14 January 2021

    Every day, about 250 football fields of land in Europe is converted to urban use. How and where does this typically occur? Are city-regions becoming more compact or diffuse?

  • Press Releases | 27 November 2020

    “The European Green Deal is a really superb policy document. It has inspired now China to make a commitment to decarbonize by 2060.

  • Press Releases | 16 November 2020

    While Europe accelerates its plans to support areas in need of phasing the coal industry, the pandemic hits hard European regions and cities threatening economic and social cohesion.

  • Press Releases | 18 May 2020

    Age-friendly cities benefit from integrated policies that are developed together with people of all generations. In an age-friendly city, inhabitants of all ages can live a happy life and enjoy a high quality of life at an advanced age. Different ways in which cities can become more age-friendly were researched in the ESPON ACPA Targeted Analysis on age-friendly cities, supporting the WHO Decade of Healthy Ageing.

  • Press Releases | 11 March 2020

    Results from a new ESPON study and three scenarios for the future of BSR - to support VASAB members to design and implement evidence-based policies for the future of the Baltic Sea Region

  • Press Releases | 20 June 2019

    Places in decline, are not left behind, they are kept behind, by decades of neglect, under-development, lack of investment and misguided policies said Professor Simin Davoudi, from

  • Press Releases | 17 June 2019

    Peoples’ lives exceed administrative borders. They live, work and travel from one place to the other: They may live in a town and work in a near big city, they may enjoy cycling in a forest of their neighbouring region or go for shopping at the mall next to the borders.

  • Press Releases | 2 April 2019

    On 29 March 2019, the Minister of Spatial Planning, Claude Turmes, visited the premises of the ESPON European Grouping of Territorial Cooperation (EGTC

  • Press Releases | 27 March 2019

    “Future Cohesion Policy should be about connecting places, bringing them closer together, to ensure that no place is left behind”.

  • ESPON direcor Ilona Raugze and HoU Laurent Frideres
    Press Releases | 6 December 2018

    Is territorialism the reaction of the places that do not matter? How can we fight regional inequalities and improve citizens’ perception of the EU?