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  • Press Releases | 1 February 2010

    25/05/2009 - Applied Research Projects, conducted under the ESPON 2013 Programme, create European wide, comparable information and evidence on territorial potentials andchallenges focusing on opportunities for success for the development of regions and cities. The first Interim Reports of two ESPON Projects are now available.

  • Press Releases | 29 January 2010

    08/07/2009 - Three applied research projects commissioned by ESPON have now delivered their Interim Reports which have been approved by the ESPON Monitoring Committee. The projects cover three important research areas in order to support policy development related to territorial development and cohesion.

  • Press Releases | 29 January 2010

    The ESPON Programme has pre-announced the launch of 5 new Calls for Proposals and Expression of Interest. Partners and stakeholders from 31 European countries are invited to become involved in up to 31 new projects. A budget of maximum 14.910.000 Euro is allocated. The Calls will be opened at the Info Day and Partner Café on 16 September in Brussels.

  • Press Releases | 28 January 2010

    Researchers, experts and stakeholders in the public and private sector from 31 European countries are invited to become involved in up to 31 new projects on new analyses under the ESPON 2013 Programme. Public authorities are in particular invited to express their interest and ideas on future targeted analyses based on ESPON results tailored to meet their needs.

  • Press Releases | 28 January 2010

    Researchers, stakeholders and policy-makers from all over Europe gathered in Malmö for the Seminar "The ESPON Knowledge Base as Potential for Territorial Analysis and Policymaking at Regional Level".

  • Press Releases | 28 January 2010

    ESPON has recently published "Territorial Observation No.2”. This publication is looking into Territorial Trends in Accessibility in Europe and its regions. The aim is to provide updated facts to policy makers engaged with regional competitiveness and territorial cohesion for their policy development process.

  • Press Releases | 16 July 2009

    16/07/2009 - The ESPON 2013 DATABASE is a central project in the ESPON Programme. At the same time it is a tool providing input for analyses based on territorial indicators. The project’s first Interim Report gives an overview of the current state of development and the prospects for this knowledge base related to the EU Cohesion Policy.

  • Press Releases | 29 June 2009

    In cooperation with the Czech EU Presidency, the ESPON Programme organised an Open Seminar in Prague on 3 – 4 June 2009 addressing Territorial Development Opportunities during the Global Economic Recession for regions, cities and larger territories.