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  • Workshops | 11 April 2022 | Event starts: 5 May 2022

    The workshop will be focused on the adaptation policies and measures dealing with the impact of climate change in the context of the Baltic Sea.

  • Seminars | 11 April 2022 | Event starts: 1 June 2022

    What are the new challenges successive crises pose to territorial cohesion in Europe?

  • ESPON Blog | 5 April 2022

    Different regions of Europe have been affected by the pandemic at different times and to different degrees. During the first three waves of the pandemic, a spatial shift from the European centres to the peripheries took place. 

  • Latest News | 3 April 2022

    During an online seminar discussion “Role of cohesion policy in the Planning of Metropolitan areas - Brussels case study”, 30 participants were invited to discuss the results of the international E

  • Latest News | 29 March 2022

    The high-level online conference “From ESPON 2020 to ESPON 2030 – Building on 20 years of innovative support for territorial policy-making” on 29 March 2022 gathered more than 400 participants to discuss achievements of the present and perspectives of the future of ESPON programme. Read a short summary of the event and find the presentations of the speakers in this article. 

  • Workshops | 17 March 2022 | Event starts: 21 April 2022

    This online workshop will tackle the problem of uneven development in rural areas in Europe, as it poses a persistent problem for territorial authorities. Shortages of economic opportunity and labour in these regions often place structural constraints on the provision of public infrastructure and access to services for a spatially dispersed and aging population.

  • Workshops | 15 March 2022 | Event starts: 27 April 2022

    The stakeholders and public authorities within the Strategic Urban Region of the Eurodelta (SURE) have elaborated, with the support of the ESPON program, a strategic policy roadmap towards a more s

  • Latest News | 11 March 2022

    notika seminārs – diskusija “Rīgas metropoles nākotnes attīstības izaicinājumi”, kurā vairāk nekā 400 dalībnieki tika iepazīstināti ar starptautiska ESPON pētījuma “METRO Kohēzijas politikas loma un nākotnes perspektīvas metropoles areālu un pilsētu plānošanā” rezultātiem par Eiropas Savienības Kohēzijas politikas ietekmi uz Rīgas metropoles areāla izaugsmi, plānošanu un konkurētspēju. 

  • ESPON Blog | 11 March 2022

    While diverse administrative, economic and political events throughout history have had an influence on the movement of people around the world, none of them had a bigger impact on the number of people crossing the European Union’s (EU) eastern border than the current COVID-19 pandemic. But how has this actually fared on tourism, the labour market and student flows?

  • Latest News | 7 March 2022

    The ESPON Geography of COVID-19 project (Territorial impacts of COVID-19 and policy answers in European regions and cities) is conductin