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  • Latest News | 23 March 2020

    A flagship ESPON project, the European Territorial Reference Framework (ETRF) had identified almost a year ago the main trends affecting the European territories. It is interesting to see that many of the new uncertainties the pandemic crisis of COVID19 creates today can be still understood and categorized -if adjusted accordingly- under these trends. This creates already a strong basis for the decision-makers that will need to deal with the effects of this crisis in designing their new development policies. 

  • Latest News | 20 March 2020

    What is the hypothetical “patient journey” for a citizen diagnosed with diabetes in Estonia, Finland and Slovenia and how can they use eHealth services in their countries? ESPON project eHealth has some interesting findings

  • Latest News | 19 March 2020

    Estonia launched its health information system in 2008, becoming the first country in the world to fully implement such a system nationwide. Finland began the development of its national EHR as early as 2002, with the launch in 2007. Today these countries boast some of the highest eHealth adoption statistics in Europe.

  • Latest News | 17 March 2020

    Over the past decade, the introduction of eHealth solutions has not resulted in a decrease in healthcare expenditure for the governments, providers or patients.

  • Latest News | 16 March 2020

    In today’s interconnected and constantly changing world, things happening in one place have an impact on other places, influencing developments and territories.

  • Latest News | 12 March 2020

    Differences in population density in the Baltic Sea Region show a clear north-south pattern with the sparsely populated north and the densely populated south. There is also still an east-west divide in terms of economic performance, although the divide has been closing. The BSR has developed from a divided region into a prosperous region with a dense network of cooperation arrangements.

  • Press Releases | 11 March 2020

    Results from a new ESPON study and three scenarios for the future of BSR - to support VASAB members to design and implement evidence-based policies for the future of the Baltic Sea Region

  • Latest News | 6 March 2020

    Innovation is one frequently occurring theme targeted by European Territorial Cooperation programmes, including cross-border cooperation (CBC) programmes. The ESPON project CBC TIA that focused on five INTERREG A programmes found very few similarities between the strength of impact on same or similar thematic fields in each programme. But three case studies confirmed an interesting observation regarding their impact on cross-border innovation.

  • Seminars | 5 March 2020 | Event starts: 5 March 2020

    NOTICE: Due to the virus COVID-19 situation and the measures taken by all EU member states this event is cancelled.

  • Latest News | 4 March 2020

    The ESPON CBC TIA project has applied a newly developed ex-post TIA methodology tailored to CBC programmes to five CBC programmes within