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  • Press Releases | 25 January 2011

    The ESPON Programme launches today new Calls for Proposals and Expression of Interest. Scientists, Experts and Public Authorities are invited to become involved in new ESPON projects. Up to 5.493.000,00 is available for this call.

  • Latest News | 24 January 2011

    Call for Proposals and Expression of Interests is now open. The available budget amounts to up to 5.493.000, 00 Euro covering Applied Research Projects, Expression of Interests by stakeholders for Targeted Analyses and Scientific Platform. The deadline is 21 March 2011. Apply here to become involved in new ESPON projects.

  • Latest News | 18 January 2011

    ESPON has recently published its First Scientific Report presenting the methodologies used within ESPON projects.

  • Latest News | 5 January 2011

    The final report of the project ReRisk focuses on opportunities to support competitive and clean energy supplies for regions in Europe and to generate and strengthen sustainable energy sources.

  • Latest News | 16 December 2010

    In the framework of the upcoming Call for Proposals and Expression of Interests to be launched on 24 January 2011, ESPON invites for an Info Day and Partner Café in Brussels on 10 February 2011. Reserve your place! Registration is now open.

  • Latest News | 16 December 2010

    ESPON invited for a Workshop on Rural Regions in Europe aimed at better understanding the diversity of this type of territories across Europe. The presentations given during the event are available.

  • Latest News | 30 November 2010

    Call for Proposals and Expression of Interests will open on 24 January 2011. The deadline for submitting proposals and expressing interests is 21 March 2011. An Info Day and Partner Café for potential beneficiaries will be organised in February 2011. The pre-announcement of the Call was published in the Official Journal.

  • Latest News | 29 November 2010

    NORBA - Nordic-Baltic dialogues on Transnational Perspectives in Spatial Planning - organises its first conference “Transnational perspectives on spatial planning. Experiences from the Nordic-Baltic countries”

  • Press Releases | 23 November 2010

    How can place based actions contribute to Europe’s recovery from the financial and economic crisis that struck in 2008? What concrete measures by regions and cities can support the Europe 2020 Strategy and a smart, sustainable and inclusive growth path?

  • Latest News | 23 November 2010

    Call for Expression of Interest for the ESPON 2013 Knowledge Support System (KSS) is now open. The deadline for express interest in this Call is 21 January 2011. Apply here