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  • Latest News | 6 April 2011

    The fifth Financial Seminar took place in Geneva on 31 March and 1 April. More than 70 Financial Managers and First Level Controllers attended the event. More

  • Press Releases | 1 April 2011

    Latest Call for Proposals and Expression of Interest for using ESPON attracted 53 applications from 29 countries involving 285 potential project partners/ stakeholders.

  • Latest News | 1 April 2011

    Europe’s seas all face different types of challenges but also have different development opportunities and potentials. The ESPON Applied Research ESaTDOR - European Seas and Territorial Development, Opportunities and Risks – should identify the development perspectives and trends for the different European seas. More

  • Latest News | 30 March 2011

    The project shows that cross-border polycentric metropolitan regions are an important emerging phenomenon. This is in particular true for the two case study regions of the so called Greater Region crossing the borders between Luxembourg, France, Germany and Belgium as well as for the Upper Rhine Region crossing the borders between Switzerland, France and Germany. More

  • Latest News | 22 March 2011

    The Targeted Analysis project TPM - Territorial Performance Monitoring - shall establish knowledge on how territorial impacts of macro challenges such as climate change, energy supply, demographic development and globalisation translate at the regional level and how to deal with these challenges effectively. More

  • Latest News | 18 March 2011

    The Targeted Analysis project EATIA - ESPON and Territorial Impact Assessment - shall test the practical use of existing methods and tools for Territorial Impact Assessment. The project is expected to define possibilities for implementing TIA at national and sub-national level. More

  • Latest News | 10 March 2011

    Targeted Analyses for Stakeholders: Territorial Evidence in Practice ESPON organises its first Conference on 11 May 2011 in Brussels. Discuss with us the use of territorial evidence in practice on the basis of the experiences with Targeted Analyses. Mr. Johannes Hahn, EU Commissioner for Regional Policy, and Mr. Claude Wiseler, Luxembourg Minister for Sustainable Development and Infrastructures will be present. Participate and reserve your place!

  • Latest News | 10 March 2011

    The Targeted Analysis project POLYCE - Metropolisation and Polycentric Development in Central Europe: Evidence Based Strategic Options - addresses the polycentric network of metropolitan functional urban areas in the Danube Region. More

  • Latest News | 15 February 2011

    The objective of DEMIFER - Demographic and Migratory Flows affecting European Regions and Cities - is to assess the effects of demographic trends and migratory flows on European regions and cities and to examine the implications for regional competitiveness and cohesion. The final report, its annexes and 12 case studies are now online.

  • Latest News | 15 February 2011

    The Applied Research TIGER - Territorial Impact of globalization on European Regions – has delivered its Inception Report which gives indications about data, methods and deliveries of the project.