Peer-learning workshops. Policy makers who seek analytical advice are invited to send us their requests

The ESPON EGTC is organising a series of peer-learning workshops for all types of public authorities responsible for territorial development. The workshops are designed to enable a rapid know-how transfer and can serve various policy needs based on the experience of stakeholders who were involved in ESPON targeted analyses.

How does it work?

Policy makers who need analytical and methodological advice to forge ahead with various policy processes can make use of this unique ESPON service quickly and conveniently at their own premises. It is a demand-responsive and flexible service that does not require complex application procedures. Upon requests, stakeholders who had commissioned and already benefitted from an ESPON targeted analysis will embark on a know-how transfer mission that is organised by the ESPON EGTC. Provided that ESPON is running / has run a targeted analysis in the respective field of interest, this mission will be prepared within 2-3 months following the request for peer-learning. The workshop duration is typically 2 days.

What do policy makers need to do in order to initiate a peer-learning workshop?

Just send us an email to [email protected] specifying the policy context, the respective process that needs analytical and methodological advice as well as the timeframe of the respective policy process. We will examine the availability and transferability of relevant analytical and methodological solutions recommended by ESPON previously and applied elsewhere in the ESPON countries (28 EU Member States and 4 Partner States). Provided that we can meet your expectations, we will organise the workshop securing the participation of your counterparts who had been confronted with the need for empirical evidence before they commissioned an ESPON targeted analysis.

How many stakeholders have benefitted of the ESPON Targeted Analyses?

So far ESPON has launched a number of Targeted Analyses, supporting stakeholders all over Europe that can potentially be involved in peer-learning workshops to share their experience. 

What are the anticipated task of a peer learning applicant?

While the know-how transfer as well as travel and accommodation of experts is covered by ESPON, policy makers interested in a peer-learning would need to secure a venue for the workshop. This is typically a meeting room available at the premises of the respective public authority. Moreover, the attendance of any key local experts involved in the policy process in question is desirable. All the necessary background information (about local context, policy challenges…) will be communicated in advance to the invited experts to allow them to prepare tailored-made contributions. In the course of the workshop preparation, the EGTC may repeatedly seek contact to the applicant / contact person in order to finetune the peer-learning intervention.

Have others gone through this process yet?