E-learning on the ESPON TIA web tool


Online - find registration link below

4 October 2018 to 5 October 2018

This e-learning activity was held through two webinars guided by Bernd Schuh (OIR), an expert on the ESPON Territorial Impact Assessment tool (TIA tool). Additional support materials are available and can be downloaded below.

  • During the first webinar (~1hour), participants had the the opportunity to learn and explore the concept of Territorial Impact Assessment (TIA) and the ways to apply it using the ESPON TIA web tool (based on the TIA quick check methodology); participants also learned about ithe objectives, functionalities, capabilities and importance of carrying out a TIA workshop.
  • During the second webinar (~1hour) a selection of application cases and their results after applying the TIA tool in a workshop setting was presented to participants. This selection was made from the list of previous TIA workshops (e.g. urban TIA, TIAs organised by CoR and DG Regio).

The webinars occured on the 4th and 5th of October 2018.

The webinars were recorded and the respective videos is avialble for listening in posterior dates, particularly to those who registered but couldn't attend the two webinars in the established dates.

 ESPON TIA web tool:

The ESPON TIA web Tool is an interactive web application that can be used to support regional policy makers and practitioners with identifying, ex-ante, potential territorial impacts of new EU Legislation, Policies and Directives (LPDs).

The ESPON TIA web Tool combines the expert knowledge and judgements about the potential impact with a set of statistical data describing the characteristics of regions. Based on the different sensitivity of regions, the expert judgments are translated into maps showing the potential territorial impact of EU policy on NUTS 3 level. These maps can serve as a starting point for further discussion of different impacts of a concrete EU policy on different regions.


eLearning Part1

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eLearning Part2

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Introduction to the ESPON TIA Quick Check

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e-learning Agenda

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ESPON TIA - Webinar Instructions

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