Workshop "A macro-regional tool in the making: evidence from ESPON and inputs to post 2020"
ESPON at the European Week of Regions and Cities 2019


Brussels, Belgium

SQUARE - Brussels Convention Centre

8 October 2019

Rue Mont des Arts
1000 Brussels

Macro-regional cooperation provides a framework for European territorial cooperation and a new form of commitment to cohesion policies. The stronger political focus on the territorial dimension in various policies and strategies highlighted the needs as well as the opportunities to create a monitoring platform that on a regular basis could provide and promote territorial information and evidence in relation to European and macro-regional policy orientations and objectives.

A continuous monitoring of territorial performance able to provide policy-relevant information to target groups on key trends occurring for European regions, and cities related to the policy aims and priorities of EU Cohesion Policy, EUSBSR, EUSDR, EUSAIR, EUSALP, the EU Territorial Agenda, Urban Agenda and the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development has been developed by ESPON in close cooperation with DG Regio, and the governance bodies of the EU macroregions.

This tool is aimed at support the implementation of the EU macro-regional strategies by helping policymakers to monitor development trends and policy performance, identify development opportunities and territorial challenges, as well as better understand the diversity and position (benchmarking) of regions and cities in the heterogeneous European context. In addition, it can provide also useful inputs to the evaluation and revision of action plans.

The purpose of this practical workshop session is to present this tool with specific examples for the four EU macro-regions at different geographical levels (national, regions, cities and functional areas). By doing so, the following components will be addressed: territorial monitoring; monitoring of the implementation of the EU strategies and the possible contribution of the macro-regional strategies to changes in the territories concerned. The potential use and usefulness of the tool as a source of information and evidence for the future role of the MRS post-2020 will also be addressed and discussed.

 ESPON EGTC, European Commission - DG REGIO, MCRIT Barcelona, University of Cambridge

Expert at the ESPON EGTC: Sandra Di Biaggio

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Registration deadline: 27/09/2019