The Communication Plan has been drafted in compliance with the requirements set by Article 69 of Council Regulation (EC) No 1083/2006 and Chapter II, Section 1 “Information and publicity” of the Commission Regulation (EC) No 1828/2006 provide for the programming period 2007-2013.

The Communication plan has been approved by the Monitoring Committee on 13th November 2007 and accepted by the European Commission on 20th May 2008.

For the year following 2008, the Managing Authority and the Coordination Unit submit a yearly action plan for the approval of the Monitoring Committee detailing the number and type of actions that will be concretely implemented. The European Commission receives, for information purposes, the yearly action plans as soon as they have been approved by the Monitoring Committee.


Communication Action Plan 2014

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Communication Action Plan 2013

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Communication Action Plan 2012

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Communication Action Plan 2011

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Communication Action Plan 2010

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Communication Action Plan 2009

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Communication Plan on Information and Publicity Measures Programming period 2007-2013 and action plan 2008.pdf

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