The Mid-Term Evaluation (MTE) of the ESPON programme was carried out from June to December 2003 by an independent assessor. The main evaluation issues which have been addressed focus on the continuing relevance of the programme strategy, the progress towards the achievement of aims and quantified objectives (effectiveness) and the quality of implementation structures. The MTE also drew conclusions and recommendation for improvements to each of these issues.

The Mid Term evaluation was addressed by the ESPON Monitoring Committee who has decided measures implementing the majority of recommendations made.

From May to September 2005, an Update to this MTE was carried out. It provides an overview of the programme since end 2003, and concentrates on investigating how the recommendations formulated in the MTE have been implemented, on analyzing outputs and results achieved since the MTE, on the identification of impacts achieved to date. In particular, the MTE Update focused on programme implementation structure and best practices among projects. In its conclusions, the MTE Update provides 7 key recommendations for improvement of the programme in the future, which the ESPON Monitoring Committee will take into consideration, particular in a programme continuing the ESPON after 2006.

Final Reports and executive summaries of the MTE and MTE Update are available below.


Mid-Term Evaluation Update 2005 - Final Report

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Mid-Term Evaluation 2003 - Final Report

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