Scientific Platform

A core element in a European territorial knowledge base is the ESPON Scientific Platform and the actions carried through. In order to support policy making related to regions, cities and larger territories, this platform has to be continuously built up and effectively maintained.

Three main actions mutually supporting each other are the ESPON 2013 Database, development of Territorial Indicators and Indices as well as a Territorial Monitoring and Reporting System. Important input to the ESPON Scientific Platform is generated from Applied Research projects and Targeted Analyses delivering their indicators, typologies, methodologies, maps, and models to ESPON.

Access free of charge is ensured making it feasible for everyone interested to capitalize on the ESPON Scientific Platform.

Being able to monitor territorial trends on key themes imply targeted update of existing datasets, indicators, maps (Map Updates). Tools for spatial analyses is another area of actions where mapping tools and compilation of regional typologies (Typology Compilation) providing for scanning analytical results in relation to specific types of regions.