ESPON 2006 Tools - Database Public Files

Version March 2006

The ESPON Database provides fundamental regional information (NUTS 3, NUTS 2, NUTS 1 and NUTS 0) provided by the finalised ESPON, covering the entire European Union plus Bulgaria and Romania and Switzerland and Norway (ESPON space). It includes a selection of indicators, summarised in thematic tables organised in two sections:

  1. ESPON Basic Indicators
  2. ESPON Project Indicators

The two indicator sets are based on the themes and categories of the ESPON Data Navigator. The overview of the ESPON public database is available below.

The status of the indicators is based on the duration and finalisation of the ESPON projects. This explains the time range of the indicators presented as well as the use of different Nomenclature of Territorial Units for Statistics (NUTS) references: version 1999 and version 2003.

In general the ESPON Database represents a concerted action of the Transnational Project Groups and it is co-ordinated and maintained by the coordinating cross-thematic ESPON projects - Integrated Tools for European Spatial Development (Project 3.1) and Spatial Scenarios and orientations in relation to the ESDP and EU Cohesion Policy (Project 3.2).

The ESPON Programme grants free access to the ESPON Database Public Files upon your acceptance of the pre-defined terms and conditions of use.

© ESPON, 2006


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