The Certifying Authority is responsible for guaranteeing the completeness, accuracy and veracity of the accounts, drawing up and submitting payment applications to the European Commission.

Ministry of Energy and Spatial Planning

Department of Spatial Planning and Development (DATER), Division for General Affairs

4, Place de l'Europe

L-2946 Luxembourg

Head of the Authority: Christian PLEIN

(Tel: +352 247-86911; e-mail: [email protected])

Contact and support:

Jérôme GRISIUSDeputy Head of the Authority

(Tel: +352 247-86958; e-mail: [email protected])

Marie EVERAT | Senior Expert / Financial Control and Certification - GIE LERAS

(Tel: +352 247-86961; e-mail: [email protected])

Tom Ka Leung LIU Administrator / Accountancy

(Tel: +352 247-86938; e-mail [email protected]

The GIE LERAS supports the secretarial function of the Ministry of Energy and Spatial Planning as Certifying Authority of the ESPON 2020 Cooperation Programme.