New thinking on functional urban areas, polycentric territorial structures and cross border collaboration: contributions from ESPON research


Nova Gorica, Slovenia

School Center Nova Gorica, Cankarjeva 10

16 May 2018 - 10:00am to 4:30pm

Cankarjeva 10
Nova Gorica

Demographic tendencies and climate change are a growing concern for planners and policy makers living in border regions in Central Europe, Serbia, Croatia and Italy. These challenges are compounded by spatial blindness across the border, underestimation of the advantages brought about by cross-border governance and provision of services and lack of commitment to genuine cross-border investments. Moreover, the challenges appear differently and with a different magnitude depending on the geographic characteristics.

The seminar will address these challenges and examine current ESPON research and European practices in planning, governance and provision of service in cross-border functional (urban) areas.

ESPON offers scientific expertise to policy makers who seek assistance in the design of cross-border functional (urban) strategies, innovative governance models, service solutions as well as post-2020 cross-border cooperation programmes in a way that most adequately addresses the geographically specific appearances of depopulation, brain drain and environmental challenges.  

The event programme is available below.


Cross-border planning, governance and public services

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Čezmejno prostorsko načrtovanje, upravljanje in javne storitve

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Pianificazione territoriale, governance e servizi pubblici in ambito transfrontaliero

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Agenda and Practical Information

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ESPON evidence for cross-border policies

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Key challanges in cross-border areas - Tomaž Miklavčic

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Cross-border public services (CPS) - Sabine Zillmer

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Development of E-Health in EU (Slovenia) - Prof.dr. Mirko Vintar

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ESPON ACTAREA Soft territorial cooperation for integrated territorial development

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How to enhance cross-border cooperation - Ana Nikolov (AEBR)

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ESPON SPIMA Spatial Planning in Metropolitan Areas - Peter Austin

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Territorial Reference Framework - Kai Bohme

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