Osječko-baranjska County - ESCAPE

Osječko-baranjska County (NUTS 3) located in the eastern-most parts of Croatia, is bordered by Hungary and Serbia. The region is shrinking as a result of continuous work-related out-migration, as almost a quarter of the population has been lost since the 1990s, due to post-war crisis, de-industrialisation, and privatisation, processes intensified with Croatia’s accession to the EU area. The resulting lack of diverse job offers and low salaries, are perceived as the key push factors for outmigration of young individuals.


Case study: Osječko-baranjska County,

Country: Croatia (HR)

Project: European Shrinking Rural Areas: Challenges, Actions and Perspectives for Territorial Governance (ESCAPE)

Delivery: 12/2020

Population: 287,124

Classification: LAU 2