Participate to the revision of the Territorial Agenda 2020

The Territorial Agenda is a strategic policy document for Europe, its regions and communities. It provides a framework for action towards territorial cohesion and a future for all places in Europe. It encourages policymakers at all governance levels to think and design policies that contribute to an inclusive and sustainable future for Europe.

The ongoing process to renew the Territorial Agenda 2020 will lead to a new document that will be agreed at an informal ministerial meeting in December 2020, by the ministers responsible for spatial planning and territorial development, in cooperation with the European Commission and with the endorsement of the European Committee of the Regions. You can follow the updates about the renewal of the policy on the official website:

In an effort to make this process as inclusive as possible the Finnish Presidency developed a survey and invited stakeholders to express their views and ideas for the future of the Territorial Agenda. You can visit it now and contribute with your experience in this process. Increased participation is crucial to ensure that all different aspects and ideas will be presented. Remember that you need to submit your answers no later than 31 January 2020.

The survey is divided into two sections A and B.

Section A is the official survey of the Finnish Presidency. The intention of section A is to inform stakeholders of the renewal process of the Territorial Agenda and collect feedback for the further development of the Territorial Agenda.

Section B is a scientific survey, which will be used in a master´s thesis study on the role of the Territorial Agenda in achieving territorial cohesion in Europe. The intention of the thesis is to study how stakeholders at different scales see the role of the renewed Territorial Agenda and what are expectations on effectiveness, impact, and utility. Section A is composed of questions 1 to 11. Section B is composed of questions 12 to 20.

Active participation is essential for better regulation. Have your say -Click here for the Survey