List of Contractors

Contracts above 15.000 EUR awarded by the ESPON EGTC
Year of
Contract title Contractor Country Joint partners Subcontractors Budget
excl. VAT
2017 Graphic Design and Layout 2016-2019 BRGAPHIC ApS DK     100,000.00
2017 Tools TIA Tool Upgrade ÖIR AT Laurentia   200,000.00
2017 EU Territorial Review Spatial Foresight GmbH LU ADM Interactive OU ADM Interactive OU 79,900.00
2017 ESPON 2020 Database Portal University of Geneva CH
Universitat Autonoma
de Barcelona; Spatial Foresight; Mcrit
Universite Paris Diderot; National University of Ireland 700,000.00
2017 ESPON Printing 2017-2020 Imprimerie Centrale LU     70,000.00
2017 Senior Scientific Quality Management TINA Vienna GmbH AT Greg Clark Ltd; Maria Buhigas San Jose   300,000.00
2017 Targeted Analysis Territorial and urban dimensions of digital transition in Europe Deloitte Luxembourg LU   CH&M Martinos; Maria Cathaina (self employed); MSG Consulting 42,500.00
2017 Targeted Analysis Linking networks of protected areas to territorial development (LinkPAs) Universita degli Studi di Roma “Tor Vergata” IT University of Camerino; Eurac Research; E.C.O Institutute of Ecology; Centre Nationale de la Recherche Scientifique; Forest Research Institute   186,733.44
2017 Targeted Analysis Territorial and Urban Potentials connected to Migration and Refugee Flows University of Bologna IT IECOB; Iniziativa Centro Europeo; European University of Tirana; University of Thessaly;    245,000.00
2017 Targeted Analysis Territorial Scenarios for the Baltic Sea Region  Polish Academy of Sciences PL Nordregio; Spiekermann&Wegener;    274,535.00
2017 Applied research on Financial Instruments and Territorial Cohesion University of Strathclyde UK Nordregio; Red2Red Consultores; Technische Universiteit Delft   711,205.00
2017 Applied research on Green Infrastructure and Ecosystem Services Fundacion Tecnalia Research & Innovation ES Space 4 Environment; Universitat Autonoma de Barcelona; Nordregio;The James Hutton Institute   617,600.00
2017 Apllied research Youth unemployment ICON-Institute DE     499,000.00
2017 Apllied research Circular Economy Fundacion Tecnalia Research & Innovation ES Wuppertal Institut; Technopolis France, Prognos; Knowledge; Association of Cities and Regions for Sustainable Resource Management   694,200.00
2017 Apllied research Territorial Specificities Spatial Foresight GmbH LU Perth College, University of the Highlands and Islands; Nordregio; Technopolis France; University of Liverpool; Sveriges Lantbruksuniversitet; TCP International GmbH; University of Geneva; OIR GmbH; E-Cubed Consultant; Accademia Europea di Bolzano; Cambridge University; University of Akureyri Research Centre.  Association Center for Urban and Territorial Development; IGOT-Ulisboa 641,978.00
2016 Applied research on Possible Territorial Futures Spatial Foresight GmbH LU ISIS, Mcrit, Spiekermann&Wagenner OIR GmbH; ARC Consulting EOOD; Z_Punkt; Instytut Rozwoju; BC3; University of Technology; University of Zagreb; Center for Urban and Territorial Development; Mr Thies Liendental; Mr Alexis Politakis; Ms Fabiana Scapolo 499,925.00
2016 Applied research on Small and Medium-sized Enterprises in European Regions and Cities OIR AT EUROREG; KMU Forschung Austria; Oxford Group A/S; Spatial Foresight; VVA Europe ALBA; CEPOR; CIVITTA; CREDOC; ECONOMARKET; Economic Institut Maribor; Economic Research&Entrepreneurship; Foundation for Entrepreneurship Development; IKEI; Kopint-Tarki; Panteia; Praxis Center; RegioPartner; Social Science Research Institute; Techinvest; Tom Martin&Associates; David Smallbone from Kingston Business School 485,850.00
2016 Applied research on Comparative Analysis of Territorial Governance and Spatial Planning Systems in Europe TU Delft NL ARL; Polish Academy of Sciences; Nordregio; Politecnico di Torino; Hungarian Center for Economical and Regional Studies; Spatial Foresight; University College Dublin   869,700.00
2016 Applied research on Territories and low-carbon economy OIR AT Energy Economics Group; Institut for System; Global Urban Research Unit of Newcastle University Hespul; KSSENA; Technical University of Denmark 686,600.00
2016 Premises Cleaning Offices Laurenty Luxembourg LU     51,509.00
2016 Applied research on Inner Peripheries: national territories facing challenges of access to basic services of general interest University of Valencia ES Nordregio; CREA; ILS; Hungarian Academy of Sciences; BABF; TCP; University of Lodz   703,475.00
2016 Applied research on Geography of new employment dynamics in Europe Instituto per la Ricerca Sociale (IRS) IT Institute for Employment Studies; Institute for Regional Development and Structural Planning UCL; TU Berlin; Experts: Caterina Alacevich; Dimitria Gavalyugova; EXA Slezak 379,900.00
2016 Applied research on The World in Europe, global FDI flows towards Europe Copenhagen Economics DK   Nordregio; Ronald Davies;  Rodolphe Desbordes; Jan van Hove;  Holger Gorg; Rikard Forslid; Katarina Nilsson; Quoc Hy Dao; Pauline Plagnat; Julien Grundfelder; Iryna Kristensen; Olivier Crevoisier; Bent E. Sorensen 694,000.00
2016 Tools ESPON 2020 MapKits Université Parid Diderot / UMS RIATE  FR Spatial Foresight; University of Geneva   49,892.00
2016 Outreach Redesign the ESPON Website Hypertech S.A. GR     55,380.00
2016 Targeted Analysis Regional strategies for sustainable and inclusive territorial development (ReSSI) Coventry University UK University of Copenhagen; Politecnico di Torino; Lisbon University   248,239.87
2016 ESPON 2020 data and map updates MCRIT S.L ES     82,000.00
2016 Targeted Analysis Spatial dynamics and strategic planning in metropolitan areas - SPIMA Alterra Wageningen NL   Nowegian Institute for Urban and regional Research (NIBR); Metropolitan Research Institute (MRI) 276,000.00
2016 Targeted Analysis Thinking and planning in areas of territorial cooperation - TCA Spatial Foresight GmbH LU Friederich-Alexander-Universitaet; University of Geneva   222,350.00
2016 Provision of Copy Machines & Maintenance contract 2016-2019 DSL Document Solutions LU     23,046.00
2016 Transnational Outreach Support 2016-2019 Inovamais S.A. PT European Regions Research and Innovation Network (ERRIN)   1,380,000.00
2016 Technical Advice on Monitoring and Evaluation methodology Instituto per la Ricerca Sociale (IRS) IT     17,500.00
2015 Human Resource Administration and Accounting Support – transitional period (2nd half 2015) BDO Tax & Accounting S.A. LU     20,000.00
2015 Outreach Web services and IT-Solutions (2016-2019) Infeurope S.A. LU   Conostix 130,000.00
2015 Human Resource Administration and Accounting Support – 2016-2018 BDO Tax & Accounting S.A. LU     155,000.00
2015 Stationery & general office supplies 2015-2018 Lyreco S.A. BE     57,500.00
2015 IT Support 2015-2018 Scalis S.A. LU     230,000.00
2015 1st Level FC KPMG LU     170,000.00