Call for Tender for Applied Research

"Territories with geographical specificities"

 The main objective of this service contract is to reveal opportunities and challenges of the territorial types of geographic specificities.

Policy questions

More concretely, the objective of this activity is to receive answers to the following key policy questions:

  • What does insularity, peripherality, remoteness, accessibility, vulnerability, attractiveness, lack of critical mass mean for territories with geographic specificities?
  • How does it impact the competitiveness, quality of life and sustainable growth of these territories? Has the impact changed over time/What development trends are likely to affect it?
  • Where and how is public intervention required? What measures could be considered to counteract challenges and stimulate potentials?
  • How can place-based, smart and integrated approaches support the challenges encountered by territories with geographic specificities? And how to establish the balance between diversification and specialisation of economic activities?
  • How can Cohesion policy better support growth, jobs, innovation and sustainable growth in these territories?
  • How can territorial cooperation stimulate the balanced functional integration of territories with geographic specificities with their surrounding areas and stimulate sustainable growth?
  • How can territorial cooperation contribute to strengthening the capacity of local and regional authorities to identify their growth potentials and formulate development strategies?


The maximum available budget for this contract is EUR 700.000,00, exclusive of VAT but inclusive of all other taxes, disbursements, travel, accommodation and delivery costs.

Tendering documents

The documentation related to the Call, such as technical specifications, annexes, questions and answers, can be accessed free of charge, until 7 days before submission deadline, as follows:


Deadline for the submission of the offers is 15 June 2017 at 10:00 (CET - Central European Time).

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