ESPON 2020 data and maps updates II

The main objective of this tender on “ESPON 2020 data and map update II” is to contract one or more service providers to collect data and metadata, build up time series and fill in existing data gaps, quality check and integrate the data into the ESPON 2020 Database as well as short analysis based on the data and producing maps together with short interpretations and key observations tailormade for policymakers and policy development. This data and map update is focusing the first SO1 activities conducted within the ESPON 2020 Programme.

Lot 1: Updating and integrating EMPLOY datasets and maps
EUR 30.000,00 (thirty thousand Euros).
Lot 2: Updating and integrating LOCATE datasets and maps
EUR 30.000,00 (thirty thousand Euros).
Lot 3: Updating and integrating PROFECY datasets and maps
EUR 40.000,00 (forty thousand Euros).
Lot 4: Updating and integrating Big Data and Housing datasets and maps
EUR 75.000,00 (seventy-five thousand Euros).
Lot 5: Updating and integrating CLIMATE datasets and maps
EUR 50.000,00 (fifty thousand Euros).


Tuesday, 30 March 2021 16h00 CET

Tendering documents

Technical specifications, annexes, Q&A are available at the ESPON egtc e-Tendering Platform and Luxembourg Portal for Public Procurements. The call has been also published in the Official Journal of the EU - TED

Further information

You are welcome to send your request for additional information using the mailbox of the Luxembourg Portal for Public Procurements or by email to [email protected]