Preliminary Market Consultation - “ESPON portal - interactive mapping and dashboards”


The ESPON EGTC has organized a  preliminary market consultation, from 16 December 2020 to 28 February 2021, with the objective to acquire information regarding potential solutions to be envisaged for  redesigning ESPON tools overall architecture.

The final report of this consultation presenting the main conclusion and feedback received from the market is now published below. The ESPON EGTC would like to thank all economic operators and institutions participating in this consultation.

This consultation has been conducted in preparation of the public procurement aimed at selecting a service provider to support the development of the “ESPON portal - interactive mapping and dashboards”. The open call for this procedure will be launched shortly and properly advertised in the Official Journal of EU and other usual channels.



The ESPON EGTC is preparing the procurement of “ESPON portal - interactive mapping and dashboards”. Currently, the ESPON website hosts 10 online tools which are part of the “ESPON toolbox”. The ESPON EGTC intends to develop a new single online portal which shall integrate all the existing ESPON tools to the extent possible and provide a single access point to all the ESPON online tools remaining. The new portal shall be built around a new and innovative mapping interface which is supported by interactive dashboards which showcase ESPON’s knowledge base.

For this ESPON EGTC is launching a preliminary market consultation with the purpose to acquire information regarding the potential solutions to this overall architecture which shall be built around a single technological platform, providing a single access point.

Economic operators and/or natural persons are invited to provide inputs on “ESPON portal - interactive mapping and dashboards” via an online questionnaire which will be open until 31 January 2021.

You can access the questionnaire here:

Information about the organization of the preliminary market consultation is presented in the document PMC ESPON tools.  

Background information about the ESPON tools is provided in Annex 1 PMC ESPON tools and in the ppt presentation Overview of ESPON tools.

During the Market Consultation, the interested parties can send their questions to the ESPON-EGTC using the e-mail address: [email protected], before the end of the Market Consultation.

All the information exchanged and the conclusion of the preliminary market consultation will be published on the ESPON website.

A Prior Information Notice for this preliminary market consultation has been published also in the online version of the “Supplement to the Official Journal of the European Union” dedicated to European public procurement TED (Tenders Electronic Daily).


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