Prior Information Notice for 4 Contracts for Targeted Analyses

The Espon EGTC will tender 4 Service Contracts for Targeted Analyses:

1) Sustainable transport infrastructure in the strategic urban region Eurodelta (STISE).

Lead stakeholder: Province of Zuid-Holland, Department Spatial Planning, Housing and Soil, unit Exploration and Monitoring (NL).

2) The role and future perspectives of cohesion policy in the strategic planning of metropolitan areas and cities (METRO).

Lead stakeholder: Metropolitan City of Turin (IT).

3) Targeted territorial analysis of spatial progress and integrated development opportunities of large lakes in Europe (LAKES).

Lead stakeholder: Lake Balaton Development Coordination Agency (HU).

4) Quantitative greenhouse gas impact assessment method for spatial planning policy (QGasSP).

Lead stakeholder: Eastern and Midland Regional Assembly (IE).

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