Prior Information Notice for 9 upcoming service contracts

The ESPON EGTC will tender 9 service contracts:


1) Applied Research: Digital transition of government and public services

2) Targeted Analysis: European Research for Maritime Eco(nomic)clusters governance Strategy (ERMES); Lead stakeholder: Liguria Region (IT)

3) Targeted Analysis: Evaluating spatial planning practices with digital plan data (DIGIPLAN); Lead stakeholder: Danish Business Authority (DK)

4) Targeted Analysis: Spatial dynamics and integrated territorial development scenarios for the functional area of central Europe (CE-FLOWS); Lead stakeholder: City of Vienna (AT)

5) Targeted AnalysisDeveloping a metropolitan-regional imaginary, based on an interrelated approach to analysing sociospatial effects of economic restructuring in Milan-Bologna urban region (IMAGINE); Lead stakeholder: City of Milan (IT)

6) Tools: ESPON 2020 Database Portal, Phase II

7) Tools: RIMAP Online Mapping tool update

8) Tools: Tool for mapping soft territorial cooperation areas

9) Tools: Indicators based on big data

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