Corporate Identity and Lay-out

This service requested aims at selecting a tenderer who will carry out the work of (1) developing further the existing corporate identity of the ESPON Programme, creating new and fresh elements and (2) delivering lay-out services upon demand related to ESPON printed material, publications and collaterals.

The following 3 tasks shall be considered for the development and delivery of the services requested:

  1. Update and further development of the existing ESPON Corporate Identity, including its composing elements (symbol, corporate colours, typography, marque).
  2. Delivery of a Corporate Identity Manual setting out the visual communication rules, establishing guidelines for all information and communication materials, offering practical elements on how to apply the identity throughout all ESPON communications.
  3. Upon requests, lay-out services related to the correct implementation of the approved corporate identity to the full range of information products that will be realised in the framework of the capitalisation and communication activities.

Each of the services is further explained in the technical and administrative terms and conditions.

Those interested are invited to refer to the notice n° 327819-2008 published in the Official Journal, S246 of 18.12.2008. Deadline for the receipt of tenders: 10 February 2009 by 14h00.