Online Map Finder (IT part)

The Call for Tender aims at developing a web application that can be used to store, search, find, display, zoom-in and out, print and download maps resulting from ESPON projects and reports.

The web application shall have a very user-friendly interface which allows users to find a specific map in a considerable easy and fast way.

The service provider shall demonstrate experience of at least three years in the production of user-friendly databases and/or online search tools.

The service requested is further explained in the technical and administrative terms and conditions which can be found below.

Deadline for the receipt of tenders: 28 April 2011 at 14.00.


Technical and Administrative Terms and Conditions

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Annex A Template of Commitment Letter

  • MS-Word Document | 23KB

Annex B Letter of Intent

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Annex C Bank Account File.doc

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Annex D Corporate Identity Manual.pdf

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Annex E Preliminary thematic structure of the ESPON 2013 Database.pdf

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Annex F Financial Offer.xls

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